the i m p e r f e c t drug (ryry) wrote,
the i m p e r f e c t drug

so myspace.. everyone seems to have it.

:the scene: everyone seems to be getting into it. ack

x.x.x everyone has something to say about it.

awesome. or not.

there are no good hardcore shows to go to.
they all suck now. like 1 good band all the rest SUCK.
no good local bands.
so brnt.

the beach on Sunday.
i'm so pale.
but i <3 it.
i don't want to be all tan like all the others.

my cell phone has dope options for taking pics.
night mode. portrait style. and regular.
takes good ass pics. yeah, i <3 it, too.

so Pat finally finally comes back next Tuesday.
then after that .. the following week i am taking 2 days off and just getting a hotel room and chillin out. having a maid clean for me. no work. no standing on my feet for like 4-5 hrs at a time then a 30 min lunch then 4-5 hrs of standing. yes. and.. the BEACH .. alcohol .. smoking .. relaxing!

i really need to get a camera to take new pics.

and that reminds me that i need to make my hair appointment, soon.
cut.dye.color.highlight. ?? possibly.
and time to cut my nails off.
let them grow back.
they're seriously so long. and all real. muy bueno Ryane.

so, i started leanring some Spanish at work.
since i get a lot of non-English speaking customers.
and i am learning Greek.
good shit. =P

went to Seaside last night.
got there at like 11:30. OMGah!
walked around, bugged the fuck out, and really just relaxed.
hung out with the girls.
it was dope.
i choked + slapped some rich kid.
he is a dick, biggest asshole i've ever met, and thought he was the shit cause his mommy and daddy had madd cash flow. $$ .. oh well.
i will admit though, nice house.
but other than his parents house, he has nothing going for him.

so, today my boobs look bigger than normal.
i don't know what's going on.
maybe they're growing bigger.
i'll see. hope not. bigger is not better. for me.

okay, well. bye.
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