the i m p e r f e c t drug (ryry) wrote,
the i m p e r f e c t drug

i went to club Exit last night.
wow .. talk about so much fun.
VIP was the shit.
sucked though, like no hot girls there.
or guys for that matter too.
great times.
i saw 5 chics fuck this guy up. =X
had some chic dance on me. damn could she move.
one of our boys got kicked out .. was bullshit.
we were about to pop a bottle with these guys/girls and the bouncers fucked it up. boo.
music that was played was real good.
dancing on tables. on the ground. on couches. is whats good.
2 girls with a huge crowd around us. true!!! Mari and me killed it.
Chino.Eric.Nando.Phil.Marco.Pedro.Kelvin.Porn.Mari.Blanqui. <3

sooooooooooo..... the strip club the other day was fun.
Red Bone ( one of the dancers ) .. i wanted to take her home.
omgahhhhhhhh.. talk about a gorgeous Puerto Rican chic. wow.
was gonna chill with her tonight too but nah.

today was Carissa's birthday bbq at her house.
i was supposed to go but had no ride. =/
that sucked, a lot.
so after i came home today i just layed around for an hour then slept for a few hours.
my momma cooked up a storm .. so yummie.

so i decided what i want for my birthday : a boyfriend.
good personality.
can be himself.
a good boy.
doesn't play mind games.

uhm yah.
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