the i m p e r f e c t drug (ryry) wrote,
the i m p e r f e c t drug

REAGGETON rox my sox.

so .. every morning .. when i wake up.
i go to the stereo and turn it on.
and like always .. i have it blasting on La Kalle* (105.9) from the morning before.
what a great way to fully wake up.
then i start dancing in the kitchen to it.
because there's a old old school hutch thingy in my dining room and it has glass, so i can see my reflection.
i'm retarded.

so .. i make money at my job but apparently not as much as i need. cuase i am really like fucked right now. so i am getting a 2nd job. which means the days that i have free, oh soo very few days, will now be like every other day -- working. hey, whatever i gotta do to make more money. phone. rent. cable. Hoffy. // blah.
i need a job where i can just make like $500 a week.
anyone know where i can find that?!

and on another note, i am thinking of possibly most likely moving to PA. i seriously have such a huge dislike for jersey. More now than ever. And I just really don't like most of the people. Which i know people are people and you find all the same kind anywhere you go. But, I liked PA better and I think i'd be better out there for a few years. Then move down south. .. yeah so lets make this happen. =P

work .. tonight. ugh.
worked wed 4-2
thurs.9:30am - 10 last night
fri 4 - close probably.
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