the i m p e r f e c t drug (ryry) wrote,
the i m p e r f e c t drug

fucked up. true.

yeah so i am def. a little fucked up. Holla.

so from Applebees w/ food and Long Island IT's to going to put music on my 8 yr old neices' Ipod then going to the Metropolitan for about 6-8 hours and drinking more. Yeah i'm just a bit. and typing is real hard for me to do on my cousins computer. maybe cause its all dark and i cant see, then i try to type w/o my glasses thinking that'll be a little better. NO i lied. definatly did not help at all. BLAH! fuck the bullshit and i'm drunkkkkkkkkkkkk as hell. and i have definatly not updated this shit in so fucking long.

my fuckin neck hurts. a lot. like i def. need a massage .. like WHOA!!! i feel like sleeping, in which i probably am going to do. about to go home in a little and call it a night. yeah boy. a tuesday night and i'm all fucked up like this. whoa. and i can still type ... whats good breh!
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