the i m p e r f e c t drug (ryry) wrote,
the i m p e r f e c t drug

i had no idea people still wrote in this.

haven't been on here in forever. i actually thought this site was over. little did i know, apparently. 

things have been absolutly amazing. i have a boyfriend of 7 1/2 months who i love with all of my heart & i could not imagine not being with him. he makes everything so much better.. && he undertsands me. finally someone understands me & accepts me for me.. not trying to change me! i have a new BIG GIRL job! GO ME GO ME!! I am working in a law office named Law Offices, ironic. ha. actaully making real steady money rather than waitressing.. && the money always being a hit or miss.  

this weekend was great. 1st weekend in about 6 or 7 months that i had off the WHOLE weekend. spent all my time with my baby. havent done that since we first started dating. it felt so good. especially with the long weekend .. got an extra day with him. <3

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